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In 1994, Doug moved his home and studio to a family owned hobby farm and ranch started by his father and grandfathers. Doug began to add facilities and operations to harmonize with natural systems for his home based photography business and every day living needs for himself and his family.

Doug has always enjoyed photographing the birds, flora and wildlife at the ranch. He and his dad have collected old tractors, farm implements and other antiques for photographing. Recently he has upgraded the blinds and photographic areas because of the increase in visitors to the museum and hands on workshops offered by Texas Photographic Workshops.

In addition to photography, Doug became interested in self sustaining and natural systems in the early 70’s so he started including Permaculture principals in his life and homestead. In addition to 4 small lakes (called tanks in Texas), oak forest, natural grasses, wild flowers, an old barn with antique farm implements, organic garden area, free range chicken/guinea space, photo walk area, water harvesting and more in the museum structure.
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We are updating and adding blinds for photographers. (no hunting allowed) There is a nice cross section of Central Texas wildlife for you to photograph. We have seen: white tailed deer, raccoons, opossum, red fox, bobcat, grey squirrel, coyote, wild hog, skunk, armadillo, a variety of reptiles, and beaver. My neighbor swears he saw a mountain lion, I have never seen one, but you never know!

We also have a resident herd of cows that are always fun to photograph.
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We also have a couple of wells that make interesting backgrounds for portraits and as subjects themselves. If you would like to use our grounds for portraits, please call ahead of time to schedule a time. (We ask for a donation for the museum to use the grounds.)
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Occasionally we have horses and know several ranches who will rent us horses for photography.