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About the Museum
The Texas Photography Museum was dreamed up in the late 70’s when Doug Box, our curator, began collecting old cameras. In 2004 he began displaying many of the old cameras in his studio for clients to see and enjoy. At the end of 2016, when he retired from being the Executive Director of the Texas Professional Photographers Assoc, Inc. after 22 years in the position. The official grand opening will be Jan of 2017, but we are accepting calls for early previews.

The museum was founded on the idea that professional photographers have helped people across Texas and the USA preserve the memories of their families since the beginning of photography. The purpose includes encouraging and fostering the development and understanding of the best possible photographic methods and techniques. And the most effective teaching methods through out the world.

We also encourage the development of education in photographic procedures and techniques in the country by teaching and training the public in effective photographic methods.

Doug Box, the curator of the museum, has a wealth of leadership, financial, business, teaching and photographic training and experience to help the museum to achieve its goals. He is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. He has owned several different businesses, including three photographic studios, a day care center, a commercial sound business and a solar company.

Doug has been a professional photographer for the past forty five years, and has taught classes to photographers of all levels in all 50 states and in eight countries.

We invite your assistance and participation both physically and/or financially. We look forward to working with you to “teach the world to create beautiful photographs, preserve and share them.”
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A little about the curator, Doug Box
Doug Box has operated a successful wedding and portrait business for over 45 years in three different cities. Besides being an excellent photographer, he is a dynamic speaker and was chosen to teach at 17 nation conventions including PPA, WPPI, Canada and Mexico. He has taught in all 50 states and 8 countries. He is the author six books published by Amherst. He is Past President and the current Executive Director of the Texas Professional Photographers Assoc, he is also on the Board of PPA. He has the third highest number of merits in all of PPA and one of only four people to ever earn more than 1,000 PPA merits. Doug’s fun and genuine style of teaching will make your time with him enjoyable, informative and motivational.

Jeff Tabit of Eastman Kodak Company said, “
I wanted to take a minute and let you know how the MidEast Regional Professional Photographers show went. Without a doubt the highlight of the show was Doug Box! The effort into and the effects of his program are incredible. The audience was glued to Doug and his interesting and entertaining stories and experiences- which somehow or another always related back to the photo biz and how they could improve their life by learning from Doug and his experiences. There was no "I'm better than you, you have to listen to me" condescending attitude, Doug at times literally sat in the audience to answer a person’s question. I have not seen such true gratefulness of an audience for a speaker in a long time, witnessed by the long line at the end of the program all waiting to thank, handshake, and/or hug Doug. Everyone attending the program should have been able to go home and immediately make a positive difference in his or her business of photography.”